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Iris Burke

Wow! So moving and insightful. Not something you talk about much, but here it is so clear and unflinching. Beautiful picture of you feeding Eric.

Les Howard

My father died when I was 25 and living in India. I was relieved to not have to go to his memorial. Now I cherish his hat and eat sandwiches at Phelippes, where we dined together when I was a child.

The Feminist Grandma

Leslie,wouldn't it be cool if there were an afterlife apart from becoming fertile soil?


love this one, lizzy. such a different view of mummy (did you really call her mom?) from my own. you really did have a connection with her, as i never did. the ring was a large aquamarine (my birthstone); i wore it until it was stolen in a paris hotel, along with that bracelet. i sometimes wonder what if...dad had died first; she had stopped drinking, written the stories that surely resided within her...

Julie Graddy

A really lovely piece, Liz.

The Feminist Grandma

Luli, I called her Mummy, Mom, Mother at different times. And I also wonder what she would have done without Dad.

Naomi Childers

I am proud of you Liz!
And love you.

from your Mother(in law)

Liz Field

Such a great piece of writing!


Thank you Liz!

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