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well, obviously, you smear some PB on all the loseable things: phone, keys etc: smello-location.
this stuff scares me too, but other things, like madness, scare me much more.
being a human bean is quite hard, sometimes.

Naomi Childers

Liz, I'm headed to the kitchen and the peanut butter jar. If you don't hear from me, it means that I'm lying on the floor in a fit of angst!

Naomi Childers

I couldn't smell the peanut butter until the spoonful entered my mouth. Oh well, I am almost 80 and happy enough to lift the spoon!

arupa freeman

I would worry more if I hadn't suffered from early onset Alzheimers for so many years. In 2nd grade I put my spelling book on the front steps and carried an empty milk bottle to school, never noticing until the other kids started laughing. It's been that way my whole life.


Now I'm scared! Luli's comment is a good one too! BTW, Barbara Nolan is coming to visit me today.

from the Feminist Grandma: this is a different Liz - a friend from over 40 years ago. For some reason all my replies to people's very welcome comments don't show up. So I'll do it this way from now on.

Annette Jackson

I think I'll try Luli's suggestion. BTW - I teach 20 something year olds and they can't remember a damned thing either.
Annette Jackson

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