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I'll be there soon, Sweetie. Then you'll be wishing for solitude again! (Still months away, my return. Your foot will be healed and we can play!) Love you!


mb says i'm ISFJ. need to serve others, highly organized, conventional. best careers: nurse, social worker, religious, clerical. a sidekick, like Dr. Watson in sherlock holmes. hmmm...must be the OTHER luli they mean. also took 5 minute color quiz, more accurate though still not so much. or, MAYBE I'M NOT WHO I AM!?!
or luli2

Marie Bockwinkel

I read Quiet. It kind of reads like a term paper, but it summarized some interesting points. I am an introvert married to an extrovert. It takes a lot of negotiating to get down time. On the other hand, I'd probably be a hermit if I wasn't forced to get out and about when I'd rather stay home and read a book.


I thought Myers Briggs was a football player

Barbara Ghoshal

Never thought of you as an introvert in Ann Arbor, but we don't really know the introverted nature of our friends, because they're not alone when we're with them! I changed from and I to an E a year after I retired (in 2007). Started taking peer-learning classes, and discovered I liked people more than I thought. Still love my alone time too, however...the long walks in woods and fields, reading at home.

Sorry about your foot problem, and hope you recover soon.


The Feminist Grandma

and I became more introverted after I retired!
Your nature photos show how you love your long walks.

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