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Kelli Brew

Yes! It is definitely high time to simplify. I have been going through the same thing, figuring out which rituals to keep and which to jettison based on which children will be home which day. I may adopt two of your Christmas customs - Christmas dinner the day after Christmas and alcohol for breakfast. Why didn't I think of that??


Hey Kelly - the nice thing about dinner NOT on C day is the chief cook gets to relax and be mellow after the gift orgy. (Also forgot to mention the children's C Eve Service at UCG, where all my non-believing family happily sang the old Christmas carols. I think I heard somewhere that Christmas is about a guy named Jesus rather than trees, presents and food.)

Ellen Slade

I love "Put it down. Someone else will pick it up. Or not." Happy New Year, Liz!!!!

Sara Anderson

Enjoyed your Christmas! Love, Sara


Sara and Ellen - I'm so glad you liked it. I enjoyed writing it, but thought - who wants to hear about Christmas at my house AGAIN! But I'm getting all kinds of facebook comments - I guess people find other people's rituals interesting (not to mention food).


love your new motto too, and the gorgeous photo of you RELAXED at xmas. looking forward to next one.
sometimes my sis is soooooo brilliant...


Oh but Luli, when you come, we'll have to have FOUR pies and pheasant under glass!

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