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Sandra Gail Lambert

Okay, forget what I said yesterday. This almost (but not quite) makes me want to have a wedding.


I love it. Your details are always perfectly chosen and described. Also great to read this after having just seen you at a wedding! :)


Sandra and Sara, I'm glad you both enjoyed it, and amused because I've had recent discussions with both of you about whether there's any point to marrying!


your wedding and our nephew ben's to scott are the best i've been to; i remember both with delight.
the monsterbrat bride is one of the many current phenomena i simply don't understand as a practicing curmudgeon; i am told there is a "reality" show in which brides compete for the worst behavior. the word "vulgar" hovereth 'round, liz, it truly doth.


I think there is all kinds of feminist analysis to be done about these sad young women pinning all their dreams on being princess for a day. But I'm not sufficiently serious to do it.

Barbara Ghoshal

Hi, Liz. It is such a joy to discover your blog...I've been bouncing around it this evening, reading bits here and there, and remembering you with tremendous fondness from long ago in Ann Arbor. Tomorrow I'll read it from beginning to end. I see the name Arupa among those who have made comments in response to what you write...I suspect, since you live in Gainesville, that this would be Bob Freeman's wife. Bob is the father of Ezra Freeman, the long-time partner of my oldest daughter, Mala. Bob is also, like me, a grandparent to Zadek and Samir. Ezra and Mala and their children live at Twin Oaks, an intentional community in Virginia. What a lovely small world it is! Barbara Clack Ghoshal


It IS a lovely small world, and I'm so glad to rediscover you in it!

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