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Kelli Brew

This was delightful. And I totally agree. The Publix folks have gotten some very curmudgeonly responses from me as well...


Well, all you curmurdgeons will proably be throwing broccoli at me, but I have to come down on the side of the Publix employees. Imagine having to stand all day and be required (from above)to be friendly to the hundreds of people who pass by. Give the kids a break! They don't really care about anyone's weekend, they're just trying to keep their jobs.

sarah g.

When someone says "What's up?" just say "Nothing." When someone asks how your day is going, say "Good." When someone asks if you have big plans for the weekend, say "Not really." My point is that these questions have pat responses just like "How do you do?" and "How are you?" They're all part of our cultural call-and-response -- which is to say, fairly meaningless and just a way to seem courteous and make small talk. :)

Gerry green

Love this, Liz. You totally captured the gengaps! Aah, I love being a curmudgeon. What freedom!,


Sarah, THANK YOU for giving me the answers. That's exactly what I needed! Nothing, good, not really - I'll practice them till they come as easily as "Fine," or as my father would say when asked "How are you?" "Oh, I'm always well." Those were probably his last words before he keeled over in Walmart at 98.
Arupa, this certainly wasn't intended as an attack on the Publix workers. I wouldn't be surprised if they had a list in the staff room of things they must say as they ring you up.
Gerry - How do you feel about geezer?


Maybe the cashier was conducting a survey for a class assignment or out of pure curiosity. The "What's up?" when someone is calling you, though, is odd.


i almost missed this, so mired was i in fleas. sarah is quite right. it's other rudenesses: not replying to rsvp and showing up anyhow; accepting invitations and NOT showing up; no thank you notes even by email...those things actually inconvenience people or hurt their feelings, not a good thing for any generation.
i do however find the young 'uns to be generally very kind hearted, if clueless.

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