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wow lizzy. yes. the best. and joe-pix too...so wished i had been there. few regrets i have in my whole blind stagger of a life; this is one.
i am sending take note emails to a buncha friends.
love you et al,


thanks luli. some family, huh?

Net Stewart

Ah, Lizzy, what a wonder fully sweet post. Come November, it will be a year since I divorced my Pakistani husband and I am still deep into reflection on that marriage. My eldest daughter, Hannah, went off to college last year and is identifying as a woman of color at last, learning about what that means to society at large and her in particular. She is planning her first trip to Pakistan in December. I admire your heartfelt, matter-of-fact way of looking at the race issues of two older white folks raising a young black woman. Keep up the good work. It's inspiring to hear your/Amanda's story.
... and Maine sounds like a helluva lot of fun!


Netty, race is so huge, and so many pretend they ignore it, as though being anything but white were slightly shameful. I've learned a lot from having black foster children, and now a black granddaughter. And especially from going to mostly black gatherings, sticking out like a sore but mostly welcome thumb.

Annette Jackson

Hey Liz, beautiful story. Loved every line of it. Felt like I was there enjoying the festivities. It confirms how family is everything. We love, we laugh, we hurt, we stick together. We've watched Amanda thrive with the nuturing she has received from you and Joe. How lucky we are to be part of it.


Annette, we're lucky to have you and Ollie as part of it. You're great grandparents.

Jackie Ogburn

It sounds like an idyllic vacation, hard earned by the journey. And how terrific to allow the kids such freedom to roam.


Jackie, the kids' freedom, and our freedom from cell phones may have been the best part of it (though the big family gathering was pretty swell too. and the lobster.)

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