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I love this ... brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thank you for sharing!


Marcie, so glad to make you cry and smile!


lovely one, liz. joe is the best, married to the best, and A has bloomed under your care.
dad's creatures weren't dragons, they were sui generis benevolent monsters.
lotsa love,


Luli, I suppose I must concede the point to the mother of dragons.


I did not get to experience this shared parenting thing, but you make me wish I had. I do however, believe both of my children have turned out very well. Any way you work it, it is never all roses and peanut butter.


No, Ceal, it's roses, peanut butter, rage and rapture. Not a bad way to live,though exhausting.

naomi childers

I love him too!


where did you find that amazing photo of the great white shark and ill-fated seal?!?


Naomi, should I tell them you're his mother?


Joe - Oh dear. Sometimes I give credit (as I know I should) and sometimes I'm lazy. I don't remember what I Googled. If I get sued will you defend me?

Marie Bockwinkel

Having had a bad father, I loved hearing about Joe and his relationship with your grandchild--she will be so much stronger and emotionally healthier for it!
Marie B


Marie - Yes, I hope to emerge on the other side of adolescence with a confident, enthusiastic, brave young woman (like Joe's other daughter).


I read the blog post, all the comments, and I'm still smiling as I type this.


Michelle, I'm so glad to make you smile. But I have to work on making you laugh, since a Michelle laugh lightens the universe.

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