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Joanne Wasner

Enjoy your vacation, Liz. I look forward to reading your next post.


Liz, she is a wonderful young girl, and I love the pool pictures! She pulls no punches as your shot to the face so beautifully illustrates. So enjoyed my time with you both. Enjoy your vacation!


"Tell all the truth but tell it slant, success in circuit lies." -Emily Dickinson. This takes a light touch. I've sometimes thought that one key is to see the universal human dilemmas in one's personal failings.


i liked this one, maybe because i think about this too. i just reconnected w an old friend, and am very happy about it. but i did think to myself, with some amusement, that she is the only friend i have who would begin a sentence with "when i was masturbating the other day..." i was startled rather than offended, but it did remind me that privacy goes both ways. i should not pry into your life, and should hesitate before telling absolutely everything about mine. tmi as another friend says. indeed.
bon voyage, lizbelle,


Thanks Joanne!


Ceal, as you know, I adore her. But besides that, she's lots of fun. And I was very proud of her last night - told her we will include her in one muumuu party a year. (maybe at my house)


WHAT personal failings, Arupa?


Good heavens, Luli, how did the sentence end? No, don't tell me.


I don't know Liz. That was your reference. I think that Dickinson's words resonate here, though. I've thought about that quote a lot, and think it also has to do with the skillful use of language and metaphor - sort of a writer's version of the scrim theater directors sometimes use for an unpleasantly graphic scene - the actors behind the scrim are only seen in shadow.

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