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The Feminist Grandma

yay lizzy! love love love this one (not because it has a lot about me, no sirree bob).
if you remember, i had seen only a brief description, no picture. mine is, now that i see her again, strongly influenced by the stone age venus figurines.
i so loved making it, and two others i gave to friends. one kept it on her bedside table but soon hid it away...it upset her husband. ahem.
i haven't made any since; the sculpy clay is far too stiff for my arthritic fingers and tendonitis- plagued wrists. if anyone knows of a softer, bakeable material, i'd love to know about it.
so glad sng is back, on your desk.
and what DO you mean, outrageous?!?

Net Stewart

What a beautiful post! So wonderful to hear the celebration of our "parts"; I get so angry these days at the pervasive use of the word "vagina" or, worse still, "va-jay-jay" to describe the vulva, labia, crotch, anything remotely having to do with what my Mom taught us was our "front bottoms". Our bodies should be known to us and celebrated. Thanks for this post, Feminist Grandma! Love, a friend of Luli's

the feminist granda

The first comment is not by The Feminist Grandma, but by Luli, her sister. Either Luli doesn't know how to fill in her info (she is technologically challenged as well as outrageous) or her computer does weird stuff.
Nevertheless, Luli, I'm thrilled you like the post. A certain gentleman did not, nor does he like my clay sng.

Net - thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it.


oop. maybe a little technologically challenged, me. just a bit.
but these coal powered computers are QUITE tricky...


Great post! I think I'm going to enjoy this blog.


I'm so glad. I was a little nervous about people starting with the rude one.

Kathy Friedman

Thank you, Lizzy, for this interesting and poignant information about Sheelas. I am a proud owner of a Luli original Sheela which is on the edge of my soaking tub, a suitable place for a woman to get up close and personal with those private parts! Shee reminds me to embrace my womanhood and sexuality. So happy I have read your blog.


No, I'M so happy you've read my blog! Thank you Kathy.

Sandra Lambert

Sheela-na-gigs and Luli's sculpeys! What a great post.

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