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Oh yeah. I remember college... Nursing school.. Grad school... It's not that different from the Real World, except way more picky and a little bit sillier.

Thanks for the memories.

Marjorie Power

Re the Guidelines post: this is the first thing I've read of yours that I didn't finish, and in this case, this is a compliment. You must have walked a long and winding road with Tedium.


funny one, lizzybet. it sounds a lot like a doctor i heard on npr t'other day. he had (i think) very interesting things to say on new research about something, but everything he said was so couched in jargon he was completely incomprehensibibble. his interviewer, with ill-concealed irritation, kept trying to get him to answer questions in plain english, but he simply could not. i still have no idea what he was... promulgating.


Marjorie - I thought the pictures would carry you down the sluggish stream of passive voice!
Luli - Aren't you glad that wasn't your doc?

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