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The Feminist Grandma

like your tales of camping, such accounts of hardship make me curl into a fetal position. she has a good face, and i like it that she (like some others, ahem) edits reality. wouldn't it make a fine film, that nobody would go to see?
looking forward to zoo and sheela.


Luli - it IS a movie, Heartland. Wonderful movie.And I got so absorbed rereading the book that I bought the DVD. Next time you visit we can watch it.

Marie Bockwinkel

What a poignant story. I'll have to look for the DVD. I really enjoyed your writing, you made the story so vivid. Life on Koso Street is not so challenging. I don't think I'd have the physical or mental toughness to survive what she went through, but her thoughts on her happiness are inspiring.

Marie B


Thanks, Marie. I think it is the toughness that draws me to tales of the pioneers. I'm also aware of those who didn't make it, succumbed to drink or depression, but those women who worked and worked and WORKED, still rejoicing? Wow.

sue jamieson

Liz, I love every one of the blogs that I have read so far and very much look forward to the rest. Actually, some of them feel like you have found an unspoken piece of my own experience and given it consciousness, found the heart, soul, and humor...put it into an honest few paragraphs that make me smile (even laugh). thanks!


Well Sue, you and I are soulmates and go WAY back (as seen in my Sue's Cabin post.) I'm so glad you're reading my stuff, though I'm ambivalent about dragging you further into horrible cyberspace.

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