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Rick Copeland

Both, I put in my request and am grateful for what comes along. That includes you, chocolate cake and I remember your lentils with sausage!

The Feminist Grandma

Rick, what a TREAT to hear from you! I'll write more on your email.


oh liz i like this one! and how amazing to hear from rick.
silence, hmmm. so often full of secrets, lies, and howls of repressed rage. i think of our family. most families, maybe.
me, i have fallen assbackwards into almost everything in my life. only recently have i had much happy landing.
wish i had some of that cake...

The Feminist Grandma

And how I wish I could come up there and get you to bake me one!


Great post. I think it's both, too...Possibilities come along and I decide whether to take advantage of or pursue them. The unhappiest people I know act like life just happens to them -- like they have no power to influence or change things. Whereas the happiest people I know seem to have no question that they are determining the courses of their lives. I think sometimes I change things just to prove that I can.

And btw, I completely relate to the desire for a quiet room. Some people say you can make that in your mind, but I don't know...

The Feminist Grandma

I think sometimes life DOES just happen to you. And sometimes the lemons are so large and sour that there's not enough sugar in the world to make lemonade. Then the struggle for acceptance begins.

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