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"My heart is warm with the friends I make.
Better friends I'll not be knowing.
Yet there isn't a train I wouldn't take,
No matter where it's going."
from a poem by e.s.v.millay.
"In heaven, there will be trains
great black trains chuffing
through billows of white steam
i shall gaze out
at the night country
sliding by
cold glass against my cheek
riding the heart of the dragon."
well, something like that anyhow by dunno hoo.
good 'un, lizzy.

The Feminist Grandma

Hey luli, I bet it's by you!

Gerry Green

This was just the way to start my day. I loved it, Liz....Did you wear colored shoes then? :)


This is great! Here's a poem from the other side of the dining car:

I've Decked the Tops

I've decked the tops of flying cars
That leaped across the night;

The long and level coaches skimmed
Low, like a swallow's flight.

Close to the sleet-bit blinds I've clung
Rocking on and on;

All night I've crouched in empty cars
That rode into the dawn,

Seeing the ravelled edge of life
In jails, on rolling freights

And learning rough and ready ways
From rough and ready mates.

Harry Kemp (the Tramp Poet)

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